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“If you’re afraid of being gripped by God, don’t look against a wall. Don’t sit still.”

Roshi Jiyu Kennett

Sitting and praying

Of course, we never are practicing only for ourselves. But we can direct our energy (Nen), our wishes (metta or loving kindness) intentionally towards a person, a being, a situation. You may give me the name of a person/being or a situation, and I will write it on a list on my altar. There I have also put the names of those I am caring for or worried about. If you need a ceremony for a sick person/being or a person who is dying or has died, I warml invite you to turn to me.


For Women: The “Hidden Light”-Project

Starting in June 2018

About me

Monika Jion Winkelmann, Zen thrilled…




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