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“In this body […] there is existing something, the true person without rank and name, the true self with absolute freedom, clinging nowhere.“

Zen master Rinzai

„Understanding is Love.“

Thich Nhat Hanh

“To fearlessly be who we are – exactly the person, we are in the most natural way, without affectation or boastfulness – is requiring much integrity and equally much humbleness.”

Maurine Stuart

Ling’s Question
China, Probably Ninth Century
(Book: The Hidden Lamp)
LING XINGPO visited Master Fubei Heshang to pay her respects. They sat together and drank tea, and she asked him, Iif a true word can’t be spokem no matter how hard you try, how will you teach?”  Fubei said, “Fubei hs nothing to say.” Ling was not satisfied. She placed her hands inside the opposite sleeves of her robe and cried out: “There is grivous suffering even in a blue sky!” Again Fubei had nothing to say. Ling said, “To be a human being is to live in calamity.”
Welcome in No-Rank-Sangha, Bonn!

“There is grievous suffering even within the blue sky!”

(from the koan: “Ling’s Question”, The Hidden Lamp, Stories from Twenty-Five Centuries of Awakened Women, edited by Florence Caplow and Susan Moon)

The above quotation from a koan takes you right into the middle of our practice and studies!


My Mala with names of my supporters in four of five Auschwitz-Bearing-Witness-Retreats as participnat

Monika Jion



…with Mala) of my this year’s supporters (Seattle Summer-Sesshin 2017)

Red ribbons with the names of supporters for Bosnia-Retreat

Auf den orangen Bändchen stehen die Namen der UnterstützerInnen für das Straßen-Retreat in Paris, die gelben symbolisieren die amerikanischen Freunde, die für meinen USA-Aufenthalt mit gesorgt haben.Orange ribbons with names of supporters for the street-retreat in Paris, the yellow ones show the american friends who made it possible to come to the US this year.